RF Tuning Stations

RF Tuning stations are used for tuning products with RF receivers. They ‘tune’ or match the receivers to accept the maximum amount of data (both analog or digital) at the receivers' desired frequency. Tertec has over 25 years of RF experience and is familiar with all types of RF products from low frequency systems to cellular models.

Tertec offers two types of customized RF tuning stations:

Manual Tuning Stations: These are cost-effective systems and are used where operator ‘tolerance’ in tuning the product is allowed. They are not recommended for frequencies greater than 600MHZ or for narrow bandwidth receivers.

Automatic Tuning Stations:These are computer controlled (motorized) for high accuracy, throughput and repeatability. They are used in systems that have receivers greater than 600MHZ.

Hardware Specifications

  • Tertec ‘Tune Master’ tuning system (manual or automatic) with flexible tuning arm (manual or automatic)
  • Multi-head stepping motor automated system with dual tuning bays for automated tuning
  • Integrated 19" rack with Tuning table
  • Power bar distribution system
  • 17" LCD or standard monitor with heavy-duty swivel stand
  • Industrial CPU with industrial 19" rack mount cabinet
  • Industrial keyboard
  • Windows 7 operating system
  • High current power supply system for product tuning
  • Customer requested loads
  • Solid state relays
  • 5VDC, 24VDC power supplies
  • Built-in data collection, logging to disk, SPC
  • RF feed-through capacitors for all connectors
  • ‘Gore’ shielding for all vents and doors
  • Pressure locks for all doors
  • Pneumatic (RF shielded) automated loading trays for automated tuning
  • Integral software for data analysis, PIST and other data
  • Built-in data collection, logging to disk, SPC
  • Large monitoring operator warning lights
  • THK linear bearings on all tray movements
  • Aluminum extruded rack and tuning table
  • Optional barcode readers
  • Advanced CPU state-driven ‘PLC’ controller
  • Agilent RF Signal Generator
  • Custom fixtures with full, comprehensive, MIL standard allodyned RF shielding

Additional Information

Non-standard equipment is based on product specifications and design (i.e. if RF testing is required, RF signal generators are used). Most Audit Testers are one-up testers (Single head Audit Stations). However, Tertec has also designed two-up Audit Stations for different customers.

If you would like more information, please contact Tertec.