Real Time Systems

Tertec has developed several Test Frameworks for its ATE Clients. Mostly written in C# and C/C++, they form the nucleus of the Tertec Tester Software. Its newest flagship is the TestSTAR Test Executive written primarily in C# and Visual Studio. They incorporate a blazingly fast DBMS system for the management of tests. Test Parameters come from ASCII configuration files that allow for easy setup and low maintenance. The Test Framework takes care of the Real-Time Scheduling, High Speed Data Acquisition, Fixture Control, Peripheral Control and the myriad other housekeeping chores (like data logging) that a Tester has to perform. The Tester Framework is built around a suite of co-operative processes that work off an IPC Backbone. This architecture enables superb configurability, ease of use and cost-effectiveness.

The Test Framework is flexible enough to handle true distributed processing for multi-head operation as well as being a single control point. Users who work with the Tertec Test Frameworks appreciate the apparent simplicity of the interface, which effectively masks the complexity of the underlying processes.

The Test Framework works with Data Acquisition and Control Equipment from a multitude of suppliers thanks to its configurable drivers.

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