Assistive Devices

For the past 8 years Tertec has been working on the engineering and the implementation of “Smart Networked Devices” designed to facilitate our everyday life. Through extensive research, the company has developed modules, products and tailored solutions dedicated to assisting people with their daily routine, ensuring their safety and well-being, preserving their independence and enriching their lives.

We specialize in:

  • Remote monitoring and control systems (with wireless transport mechanisms, bi-directional information transfer and real-time video, audio and data delivery)
  • Communications solutions and multifunctional devices (utilizing Integrated Task Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Tertec’s “Natural Input” technology)
  • Telemedicine solutions (collection of vital measurements, patient monitoring etc.)

One of the areas of development of which Tertec is especially proud is its supportive devices for the elderly and those who are physically challenged. Using its unique expertise in hardware and software development,

Tertec is offering technological solutions to one of today’s most urgent problems - namely effective and affordable home care for the aging population. This includes design and manufacturing of integrated components and systems for fulfilling the basic needs of people who are no longer able to lead an active lifestyle due to limitations brought on by age or other medical conditions.

Tertec’s solutions are robust, effective, reliable and fault-tolerant. They utilize technologies such as TCP/IP, embedded systems, ZIGBEE, Bluetooth and Powerline Networking to name a few.

Please visit our assistive devices website for more information.